2012 Sci-Fi Movies Tops & Turds


Of all the major film releases I’ve seen in 2012, these are the ones I’ve seen and the order in which I rank them.

16) Branded (Don’t EVER watch this. I’m serious.)
15) Lockout (Don’t EVER watch this either.)
14) Dredd 3D
13) Snow White and the Huntsman
12) The Hunger Games
11) Total Recall
10) Battleship
9) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
8) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
7) Looper
6) The Amazing Spiderman
5) The Dark Knight Rises
4) Prometheus
3) John Carter
2) Cabin in the Woods
1) The Avengers


  1. Todd W in NC says:

    You saw more than I did. Looks like we mostly agree on the superhero movies at least.

    Here’s my list:

    12. Prometheus (C)
    11tie. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (C+)
    11tie. Snow White and the Huntsman (C+)
    09. The Raven (C+)
    08. Red Dawn (C+)
    07. Battleship (B-)
    06. Brave (B+)
    05. Skyfall (B+)
    04. The Amazing Spider-Man (A-)
    03. The Dark Knight Rises (A-)
    02. The Avengers (A-)
    01. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (A)

    Prometheus had an intriguing beginning and amazing visuals, but it became a chaotic mess as it went along. Battleship got a bad wrap for being a brainless action movie, but it had some redeeming qualities and was enjoyable overall.

    I had little or no interest in seeing Dredd, Hunger Games, Total Recall (I’m one of the rare people who didn’t like the original either), John Carter, or Cabin in the Woods, but I would still like to see Looper. Looks like neither of us saw Chronicle, but I’ve heard glowing things about that movie.

    Brave was okay, but not quite what I was expecting. I would really recommend Skyfall and wonder if I should bump that up to an A-. The Hobbit had a few minor flaws including a disappointing Radagast the Brown, too little character development for some of the dwarves, and some elements that seemed too repeated from Lord of the Rings. Otherwise, it was still visually epic, well written, entertaining, and it just felt so good to be back in Middle Earth again.

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