2012 Sci-Fi TV Show Faves & Fails



It’s that time of year where I tell you which television shows were my favorites and which shows utterly failed to move me. Some of the shows aren’t pure science fiction so please allow for additional genres such as fantasy, horror, sitcoms, action and drama.
The Fave or Fail list will only consist of shows not cancelled. This list also only contains shows that I’ve actually watched.


Favs of 2012

15) 666 Park Avenue
14) Vampire Diaries
13) Fringe
12) Supernatural
10) Community
9) Once Upon a Time
8) Grimm
7) Sherlock
6) Arrow [❤Best new show of the year!❤]
5) Game of Thrones
4) True Blood
3) Doctor Who
2) American Horror Story
1) The Walking Dead [★My favorite show of the year!★]


Honorable Mentions of 2012

5) Chuck
4) The River
3) Sanctuary
2) Terra Nova
1) Eureka [☀My favorite canceled show!☀]


Fails of 2012

5) Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
4) Elementary
3) Beauty and the Beast
2) Falling Skies
1) Revolution [☣☢The worst show this year!☢☣]



  1. Todd W in NC says:

    It’s too hard to rank mine, so I’m just going to lump shows into “tiers”…

    Honorable Mentions (Lower Tier): Being Human (U.S.), Falling Skies, Once Upon a Time

    Honorable Mentions (Middle Tier): Alcatraz, Awake, BSG: Blood & Chrome, Continuum, Face Off, Lost Girl

    Honorable Mentions (Upper Tier): Alphas, Community, Eureka (lackluster season but phenomenal series finale)

    My Top 3:
    – Fringe
    – Game of Thrones
    – Grimm

    4. Chuck (uneven final episodes back in January; unsatisfying final moments of finale)
    3. Warehouse 13 (losing interest; took a 2 or 3 month break before watching the last four episodes)
    2. The Guild (feeling “off” in season 6)
    1. Revolution (agreed — worst thing this year)

    Watch Sometimes But Expectations Too Low to Have Strong Opinion: Doctor Who

    Anticipated for 2013: Defiance, Lantern City (if Bruce Boxleitner actually gets it made)

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