Breaking Bad ‘Felina’


Spoilers for the Dexter and Breaking Bad finale….

Breaking Bad‘s ‘Felina’ was a way more satisfying end to a series than Dexter. Lumberjack? Really? He needs to keep tabs on his son in case his son has the dark passenger. What if Harrison and Hannah have a fight or if Harrison becomes too much for Hannah to handle and she poisons him? …but I digress…

You’ve seen the episode so I won’t go into a lengthy recap. I will say that I loved everything about the series finale to Breaking Bad but there were a few minor things I would have preferred to see in the end. Firstly, would it have been too much for Skyler to have gave Walt a hug or a close almost hug as a final goodbye? Did Jesse Pinkman drive off, crash into something, and die or did he just manically laugh and drive off into the night? I wanted Todd to see Lydia die. I would have also preferred Walt not tell her she was poisoned with ricin for fear that she might get help and be saved. It is delicious that Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz will live in fear for the rest of their lives. They deserve it for treating Walt the way they did. This is the biggest triumph of the entire finale. I wish we would have gotten one last chance to see Walter White in his tighty-whities. Who ever decided on this bit of costuming was brilliant.

Even with my nitpicks and alternate endings, this was a near perfect series finale. Great job.

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