2012 Sci-Fi Manfest

Every year I see tons of “sexy women of sci-fi” lists. I never see any for the men. I’ve come to the rescue with a list of the sexiest men in science fiction this year.

I’ve been googling pictures of shirtless men for hours and you reap the benefits of my labor. You’re welcome.

The fourth annual Sci-Fi ManFest


There are 3 honorable mentions this year. These guys aren’t in anything science fiction per se but their gloriousness could not go unnoticed or unmentioned.

Honorable Mention #3 — Ed Quinn – Guest star on Castle:

Whoever decided to cast him on Castle deserves a raise!

ED QUINNedquinn_nebula9_castle

Honorable Mention #2 — Scott Speedman – Last Resort:

Just when he got the stench of Felicity and Underworld off of him they cancel Last Resort! Bastards!

scott-speedman-last-resort (1)



Honorable Mention #1 — Shemar Moore – Criminal Minds:

Because you never really need a valid reason to include Shemar Moore on a list of shirtless men.

shemar_moore-shirtless Shemar-Moore_shirtlessbeach Shemar_Moore_Cannes_2012 shemar_moore_shirtless

13) Tom Hardy – The Dark Knight Rises

When did he get so buff? I totally thought they had a stand-in for Bane on The Dark Knight Rises. I had no idea this was his actual bod. He’s come a long way from lanky Shinzon!

Tom-Hardy-Warrior (1) tomhardy_halfshirtless Tom-Hardy-006


12) Benjamin Walker – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:

The sexiest Abraham Lincoln of the year by far!

benjamin-walker-gq-feature 630movies_benwalker ben_walker_abe_lincoln benjaminwalker

11) Götz Otto – Iron Sky:

This guy is funny and sexy in spite of his evil Nazi performance. You have to have talent to pull that off.

gotz_otto gotz_otto_tshirt ironsky_cast_gotz_otto_nazi goetz-otto-ironsky

10) Richard Armitage – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:

I knew there was a hot guy under that Dwarf!
richard armitage shirtless richard_armitage richard_armitage_shirtlessrichard-armitage richardarmitage

9) Sinqua Walls – Once Upon a Time:

I highly approve of this version of Sir Lancelot!


sinqua_walls_ sinqua_walls_shirtless

8) Taylor Kitsch – John Carter and Battleship:

The one time I don’t mind being “Kitschy”.

Taylor-Kitsch-suit Taylor-Kitsch-battleship Taylor-Kitsch-Shirtless-Pictures-John-Carter taylor-kitsch-shirtless-with-jeans1


7) Todd Williams – The Vampire Diaries:

My list isn’t complete until I have populated it with a sexy bald-headed man. Hunt ME baby!

todd williams shirtless vampire diaries toddwilliams_shirtless todd_williams_hunter_connor todd-wiliams_300 toddwilliams_gun

6) Daniel Craig – Skyfall:

I haven’t even seen Skyfall yet and I’m like “Damn!”. Part of Daniel Craig’s appeal is how good that man looks in a suit!

danielcraigmagazinecovers daniel_craig daniel_craig_shirtless daniel_craig41 danielcraig_skyfallskyfall-coverskyfall_daniel_craig_007-wide

5) Christopher Meloni – True Blood:

Chris was so impressive on True Blood that I had to watch all 14 seasons of Law & Order: SVU!

christ_meloni_true_bloodtrue-blood-chris-meloni-naked chrismelonishirtless chris-meloni-shirtless- christ_meloni_true-blood Christopher Meloni christopher-meloni1-shirtless christopher-meloni-true-blood

4) Sasha Roiz – Grimm:

The hashtag that ruled 2012: #shirtlessrage.

shirtlessragecaptain-renardsasha_roiz_shirtless sahsaroizshirtlessctvsasharoiz

3) Chris Hemsworth – Cabin in the Woods, Snow White and the Huntsman, and The Avengers:

Baby. Daddy. Beefcake.

chris_hemsworth1Chris-Hemsworth-GQAU-Ap2011-04 chris_hemsworth_shirtless chris_hemsworth1 (1) chris_hemsworth-shirtless-beach

2) Joe Manganiello – True Blood and Magic Mike:

When a man has been cast as a character named Big D*ck Richie, there’s not much else to add. #TeamWolf

joe-manganiello-shirtless-menshealthjoe-manganiello_shirless_magicmikemagic-mike-manganiellojoe_manganiello_beach_shirtless joe-manganiello joe-manganiello_ew Joe Manganiello joe_manganiello_99

1) Stephen Amell – Arrow:

This has to be the hardest working man in show biz this year. He came pre-packaged with his shirt off and abs flexed in the initial campaign for his new show. I think he has his shirt off in EVERY episode. He is a believable character, has the right amount of honor, style, and charm. I was a bit angry and skeptical on them choosing Stephen Amell over Justin Hartley from Smallville but I’m absolutely over it now!
cw-arrow-shirtlessstephen_amell_nude stephenamell_arrow Pilotarrow-queen-digglestephen-amell-14-3 stephen_amell_shirtless stephen-amell stephen-amell-14

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