Classic Doctor Who Review: Ark In Space

“Pull yourself together man, this is fascinating.”
–The Doctor

I immediately liked ‘Ark In Space’ because it was is space. I loved the uniforms. The cryogenic chamber was also impressive for 1975. I was amused to realize that the pods were made of Styrofoam. It squeaked horribly when people got out of it. Of course I also noticed that someone’s hand was covered in bubble wrap and spray painted green to look like an infection. The crew wondering who or not was infected gave the episode suspense and endearingly reminded me of The Thing. However, the monster’s looks were the weakest part of the episode. The bugs were really big and inconvenient. No wonder they were angry. The poor things were cursed with being big, hideous and green. Finally, what was up with the green slug humping the corridor floors? Every time I saw the thing I cracked up laughing.

This is the first classic episode that I’ve seen Sarah Jane in. She doesn’t have the overwhelming “damsel in distress” schtick like some of the other companions. I don’t understand Harry’s presence but I’m watching the episodes out of order so that’s to be expected. All in all, this was a very fun episode and I enjoyed it. It also works as a standalone piece which is important because I don’t have a whole library of episodes to watch in order.

1974-75 Tom Baker ♦§♛ The Ark in Space (★★★★ -5/25/2011 ❤ ✔)
Season 12, Episodes 5 – 8
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