My name is Cat and I love science fiction; mainly sci-fi TV shows. I run a podcast called Sci-Fi Party Line. It’s about science fiction TV shows and movies.

My handle, Fancy Fembot (@fancyfembot) , is based on my amusement with the fembots from the Austin Powers movies. Nothing more. Most of the pictures of fembots that I use come from Hajime Sorayama. I made that wacky picture on the left using the “V Yourself” iPhone app. I remember V being the first science fiction that I ever watched.

Most of the posts here are about about my views on whatever I’m into at the moment. Sometimes there will be announcement posts, sometimes me gushing over a new science fiction show or me being cranky about one thing or another. It’s all in fun but if I do have a critique about something I’ll try to be respectful or at least fair.

For contact information, view the contact page.

Please send all promotional materials to:
Catrina Lee
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