2014 Sci-Fi ManFest

Every year there’s some “Hottest Women of Blah Blah” but “Hottest Men” lists remain few and far between. I, Cat, your heroine, decided to curate my own list.

#1 Men of ManFest Past:
2013 Dwayne Johnson
2012 Stephen Amell
2011 Chris Hemsworth
2010 Isaiah Mustafa
2009 Christopher Eccleston

Sci-Fi ManFest is a list of the sexiest, SHIRTLESS men that prominently appear in science fiction (or horror, action, and fantasy) TV shows and films for the year. They are higher on the list if they have shirtless pictures and by how much RAWR they get out of me. Lower on the list if they were supporting cast and/or only made a guest appearance. If they weren’t in any significant TV shows or films this year, they don’t qualify. It is rare that I will chose the same man as #1 Man of ManFest.

Honorable Mention: Chris Hemsworth

Would you believe that Chris Hemsworth made NO films in 2014? NONE! Sorry ancient God of Thunder, you are not on my list this year but I will post pictures of you anyway!

15) Mark Ghanimé

of Helix
Son had his shirt “conveniently” off more than Captain Kirk.

14) Henry Simmons

of Agents of SHIELD
A little too pretty but fine nonetheless.

13) Josh Hartnett

of Penny Dreadful
Ruggedly handsome and a welcomed return to television.
Josh Hartnett shirtless penny dreadful

12) DJ Cotrona

of From Dusk Till Dawn also GI Joe: Retaliation
Under-appreciated hottie!

11) Theo James

of Divergent
Sizzling, new teen heartthrob. (Meaning that he make’s teen’s hearts throb… but it has been brought to my attention that grown women hearts are throbbing too *looking at you Hanako*). I like that he’s gritty and not bright and shiny.

10) B.J. Britt

of Agents of SHIELD
Boi! You do look good! Damn!

9) Eric Dane

of The Last Ship
So yeah, he looks like he belongs in a Viagra commercial but he gets it done… even if it lasts longer than 4 hours…

8) Samuel Anderson

of Doctor Who
This is a surprise. I didn’t think I’d like Sam on Doctor Who but he was amazing. I’m still mad a Clara for getting this man-muffin killed.

7) Brandon Routh

of Arrow also Chuck and Superman Returns
I’ve always loved him. I admit to being a Superman Returns apologist.

6) Tom Mison

of Sleepy Hollow
How in the HELL did he make Ichabod Crane sexy? That has to be the craziest thing to happy in the history of American History.

5) Jai Courtney

of I, Frankenstein and Divergent also Spartacus and Jack Reacher
I’ve had my eye on this gentleman since Spartacus. He just walks on a screen and I feel better about my life; so much so I’m looking forward to Terminator Genisys where he will be BUTT NAKED!

4) David Ramsey

of Arrow and The Flash
So fine I created a hashtag: #shirtlessdiggle.

3) Joe Manganiello

of True Blood also Magic Mike
Lord. Have. Mercy. On. Me.

2) Chris Pratt

of The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy
I love this before and after picture. Makes Chris Pratt really seem like “one of us”. I think if anyone “gets” what’s it’s like to be a doughy geek, it’s him.

…and the #1 Man of ManFest is…

1) Terry Crews

of Expendables III and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. also Brooklyn 99
Terry Crews was just adorable this year. I fell in love with his comedic, sensitive side on Brooklyn 99. He used his time in the spotlight to be an inspiration to others while also being shirtless for those of us who appreciate his muscle-man manly efforts. THANK YOU TERRY CREWS, thank you.


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