2011 Sci-Fi ManFest

Every year I see tons of “sexy women of sci-fi” lists. I never see any for the men. I’ve come to the rescue with a list of the sexiest men in science fiction this year. I’ve been hoarding pictures of shirtless men for weeks and now you get to benefit from all of my hard work.

Is it me or are men getting naked more often? I’m NOT complaining! So here it is, my third annual Sci-Fi ManFest.


18) Matt SmithDoctor Who
Why yes, we will play Doctor with you.
17) Misha CollinsSupernatural
Trechcoat Jesus Superstar!
16) Jon BernthalWalking Dead
Shane. Guns. Swamp.
15) Jason O’MaraTerra Nova
You had me at the re-breather.
14) Lance Reddick Fringe
Dear Alt Broyles, Thank you for coming back from the dead in a tight t-shirt. Love, Cat.
13) Justin TimberlakeIn Time
How in the HELL did Justin Timberlake get on my list?
12) Dylan McDermottAmerican Horror Story
Why do we love sexy jerks?
11) Michael FassbenderX-Men: First Class
Sexiest Magneto EVER!
10) Stephen LangTerra Nova, Conan the Barbarian
Young man, you still got it!
9) Aldis HodgeLeverage
Sexiest geek on television!
8) Philip WinchesterCamelot, Strike Back, Fringe
Most unappreciated hottie!
7) Sasha RoizGrimm, Warehouse 13
TV’s best kept secret. This man can wear the hell out of a suit!

6) Jason MomoaConan the Barbarian, Game of Thrones
We can’t hand him a paper bag and expect him to act his way out of but then again do we really need to?

5) Chris EvansCaptain America
The pecs heard ’round the world! We ALL wanted to touch his chest Peggy.
4) Henry CavillImmortals, Man of Steel (2013)
Sure, Man of Steel isn’t out yet but Henry goes on the list anyway! (Thanks Hanako!)
3) Joe ManganielloTrue Blood
Just. Wow. Team Alcide! Taylor who?
2) Idris ElbaThor, Luther
How did you fly under my radar for so long? No worries, you made up for it this year.
1) Chris HemsworthThor
From Captain Kirk’s daddy to a god. Almighty Thor indeed! You sir, are the ManFest Champion of the year!

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